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Hotel Location

Well known island from the antiquity Thasos is founded probably from Thasus the son of Agenor one of those who set out from Phoenicia in search of Europa, attracted from the wealth of the island, as Herodotus and Pausanias reported. In the island was settled a Aegean cycladic civilization at 6th century B.C. followed by Romans Byzantines, Ottomans and us.

Hotel Esperides is located at the northernmost coastal line of the picturesque creek of Papalimani.

Altitude: 11m above sea level


  • 40° 78’ 57,43’’ N
  • 24° 66’ 43,98’’ E

How to reach us: Getting to Thassos is simple

The most convenient airport for the island is Kavala international airport (KVA). Ask us for our transfer services and how you can reach hotel from the airport. If you are driving, you have two options to reach Thasos The first one thru the kavala port is not recommented for Tourists. The second one is the main route to Thassos (over 90% of the traffic) and the objective is to reach the port of keramoti typicaly from A2 or E90.

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